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Ebay is my Bae: One Room Challenge Week #2

I didn’t realize how much I was going to mention Ebay in this post, so when I was done writing it, I renamed it Ebay is my Bae.  Cute, huh?

One Room Challenge™ Fall 2015:

It’s week two of the six week One Room Challenge.  You can see the Wednesday participants’ progress here and the guest participants’ progress here.  I’m working on my downstairs Guest Bedroom, which also doubles as our cat’s den.  You can catch up on week #1 here.

Accomplished this week:

1. Painted the room.  Here’s an in-progress picture:

painting of guest room

Guest Room in process of being painted.

The new color is Benjamin Moore’s Gray Cashmere.  I LOVE this color.  Sometimes it looks gray, sometimes blue, occasionally green, but always lovely.

2. Rewired lamps–here’s an in-progress picture of them.


Egyptian lamps.

I bought these lamps ages ago on Ebay.  The wiring was ancient so I used a lamp kit and rewired them (I’ve blogged about rewiring lamps before here if you want more information.)  Anyone know anything about these lamps?  They are brass and marble and the Ebay listing said they were “Egyptian.”  My guess is they’re mid-century Hollywood Regency, which makes them perfect for a Breakfast at Tiffany’s bohemian Guest Room for a cat, right??

3. Saris

I have many sewing projects slated for this room, including a bed skirt, window treatment, possible skirted table, and pillows.  While I have lots a fabric sitting around:

Remember my Office closet from the last ORC?

Remember my Office closet from the last ORC?

I don’t have everything I need for this space.  Fabric can get expensive, so I try to think outside the box.  I’ve often used tablecloths, vintage curtains, comforters and quilts, throws, etc. and reinterpreted them into decorative accessories when I need fabric inexpensively.  For this room, I decided I wanted to use a sari for the bed skirt.  After driving all over Dallas looking at Sari stores, I realized I was looking for a vintage sari.  Enter Ebay:

Ebay Sari purchase #1.

Ebay Sari purchase #1.

Ebay sari purchase #2.

Ebay sari purchase #2.

A Sari is a traditional South Asian female garment.  It’s basically about 5 yards of beautiful fabric that lucky South Asian women get to wrap around themselves.  As a fabric fanatic, that sounds like heaven to me.  So I found the two vintage saris above on Ebay for $30 total with free shipping from India!  About 10 yards of fabric for $30!  The catch is that they estimate they will be delivered anytime between now and October 27th and I would really like to see them in person before I decide what becomes a bed skirt and how I’ll use the other one and what other fabrics I need to finish it off.  That means I’ll be sewing day and night if I wait until the 27th!  Oh well, it wouldn’t be the One Room Challenge without a CHALLENGE!

4.  Chandelier

I want to mention the chandelier that’s in this room.  I purchased it on Ebay about 8 years ago and it’s moved with me for three houses now.

Murano Chandelier.

Murano Chandelier.

It’s a Venetian chandelier in clear and Tiffany’s-box blue glass.  Purrfect.  I bought it on Ebay about 8 years ago.  Unfortunately some of its feather pieces have broken in the many moves.  I thought this would be a good time to find replacement parts for the broken pieces and after searching, guess where  I found them–Ebay!  Ebay used to be the place I would go to when I was looking for unique items, but with all the other options available now (like Amazon and Etsy) I’ve kind of forgotten about Ebay.  But this week has definitely renewed my love for Ebay! (if my husband reads this, he’s groaning right now.)

Well, that’s enough about me.  Hope you all have a great week and remember it’s breast cancer awareness month–get your mammograms!





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  1. Good thinking on the sari’s for affordable fabric! They look lovely. Can’t wait to see how they look as a bed skirt!

  2. What a great idea to use vintage saris!! I love that chandelier and your inspiration for the space sounds so fun!

  3. I too have a profound love for eBay! Can’t wait to see how it all comes together!

  4. Rachel, so excited to see this post! The room looks like it’s going to be amazing – I love the sari idea. Also so happy to meet another Dallasite on here! Good luck!


  5. wow, Rachel you already made so much progress. I haven’t done any this week but starting the paint job tomorrow! Love the Ebay lamps!!

  6. Barbara Erwin

    Loved everything you are doing. The saris are a great idea! Very creative!!!

  7. Rachel Bauer

    Thanks Alison!

  8. Rachel Bauer

    Thank you Lesley!

  9. Rachel Bauer

    Thanks Kyla!

  10. Rachel Bauer

    Thank you McKenna!

  11. Rachel Bauer

    Thanks Karolina, Good luck with your painting!

  12. Rachel Bauer

    Thanks Mom. Guess this apple didn’t fall too far from the tree!

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