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One Room Challenge Week Three: Bedding

It’s week three of the One Room Challenge and I’m working on my Master Bedroom. Here’s Week #1 and Week #2 if you missed them.
This week I focused on bedding. I have two Maltese dogs that sleep with us (Yea!) so bedding has to be washable. I lucked out and found this great coverlet and shams at Stein Mart. I love the color– kind of a soft muted lavender and they’re washable.

New Bedding & Samson

New Bedding & Samson

As you can see, the Euro shams hide almost the entire headboard. I mentioned in Week one’s blog that I thought the headboard was too short. I’ve decided for time and budget reasons not to replace it at this time, but between now and next Thursday, I’m going to figure out a way to visually heighten it (maybe high-heels and vertical stripes??)

My next bedding purchase this week was a bedskirt. I thought about making one or having one made, but again time and budget begged for a different solution. I found a tailored bedskirt with the right drop (length of skirt) at Target. I had wanted one that was lined because they hang nicer and look more expensive, but I couldn’t find one I liked. The one from Target, however, is made in a heavy basket-weave mattelasse fabric, so it hangs very nicely and doesn’t look too skimpy.

Tailored Mattelasse Bedskirt

Tailored Mattelasse Bedskirt

I like the gold color of the skirt with the lavender coverlet and shams.  I wanted to customize the skirt though, so I decided to add a tape trim.  I want the trim approximately two inches up from the bottom of the skirt, so I thought the easiest way to put it on straight was to apply a 2″ wide strip of low-tack painter’s tape to the bottom edge as a guide.  I wouldn’t suggest doing this if you have a delicate fabric like silk.  Definitely test the tape on the fabric first to make sure it comes off easily and doesn’t damage the fabric.

Tape on bottom edge of bedskirt as guide.

Tape on bottom edge of bedskirt as guide.

Then I applied fabric glue to the area above the tape.

Stitch Free Fabric Glue

Stitch Free Fabric Glue

And attached the trim.  My trim is Conso’s 097866 Aztec Braid is color 065.  I chose it because I like the way it’s pattern repeats the Greek key design on the mirrored bedside chests.

Apply glue above tape and adhere trim.

Apply glue above tape and adhere trim

By the way,  I needed three bottles of the fabric glue to complete my king-size bedskirt.

Here’s the final product.  It’s not on the bed yet, because my husband has been out of town, and I didn’t feel like wrestling a king-size mattress by myself.  Plus I didn’t want to deny him the pleasure of  dressing the bed with the new skirt!

Finished Bedskirt

Finished Bedskirt


Next week in addition to addressing the short headboard, I’m going to show you my natural Roman shades!!!  They just arrived (9 days after I ordered them!) and fingers crossed, I’m going to hang those puppies (not the Maltese ones, the shades.)  Be sure to check out what’s happening with the other One Room Challenge rooms here.  There’s a lot of talent and creativity to see!

Have a good week!



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6 Responses

  1. Love the trim! Looking forward to seeing how you solve the headboard dilemna.

  2. Love the bedding! We are doing our master bedroom too in the ORC… I think this ext week needs to be my busiest one yet!

  3. Looks great so far! Cant wait to see what you do next week!

  4. Rachel Bauer

    Next week is going to be busy! Can’t believe we’re half way through!

  5. Great tip on the bedskirt! I love the trim!

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