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Rachel Bauer Design: Family Room Week #5


It’s week #5 of the One Room Challenge.  That means I really have less than a week to finish up my Family Room.  If you would like to see my progress so far here’s  Week #1, Week #2,  Week #3 and Week #4.  I’m going to keep this week’s update short and sweet because at this point, I really need to be spending my time finishing the space instead of writing about it.

My shades are up.  My Mom came to visit weekend before last and I gave her a needle and thread and put her to work.  Thanks for the help Mom!  Here’s a couple of sneak peaks at how they turned out:

Roman shade during installation.

Roman shade during installation.

Sneak peak of Family Room shades.

Sneak peak of Family Room shades.

Our kitten, Meredith, loves them.  Another addition to the space that she’s loving is the new pet drinking fountain.  It came in this week.

Meredith drinking from her new fountain.

Meredith drinking from her new fountain.

I’m planning on doing some cord control here.  Both cats seem to love it, but neither of our two dogs have tried drinking from it yet.  I hope they get used to it.

I’m now busy sewing the striped window panels.  I’m making the striped fabric myself by sewing together alternating strips of fabric in a pale gold and a rosy red.  Here’s a glimpse at how it looks with the shades:

Striped curtain panels with shades.

Striped curtain panels with shades.

Look who's helping out again.

Look who’s helping out again.

It has taken quite a bit of time to cut out all the pieces and then sew them together.  (Want to come for another visit Mom?)

That’s all I have to show you this week.  I’m hoping I’ll have it all pulled together for the reveal next week.  My daughter’s 13th birthday is Saturday, and we’re going to a have a sleepover party for her to celebrate, so that will eat into my ORC time this weekend.  Thank you to Linda at Calling It Home for allowing us to participate in this fun event twice a year.  Please look at the beautiful projects of the Wednesday participants and the Thursday participants.

Have a good week and go vote!



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  1. Barbara Erwin

    Wow! I love all the photos that include your cat in various poses.
    You must be so lucky to have a mother that can come and help you make drapes!
    I’m afraid I would just have to go to Ikea and use glue or stitch witchery!!

    Anyway, your shades and drapes look awesome!

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