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Tabitha’s Room Week #4: The Case of the Missing Contractor

 orcIt’s week four of the six week One Room Challenge.  My daughter, Tabitha, and I  are working on her bedroom and the adjacent, annexed plant ledge.  The plant ledge will become her bed nook and her bedroom will become a office/hang-out space.  My contractor was supposed to come today to wall up the plant ledge and paint it and the bedroom.  Unfortunately, he called to say he was running behind in other projects and he’d be here next Tuesday and Wednesday.  This puts a big hitch in my plans to get everything done.  Oh well, I’m sure most of us are going through these setbacks.  I just wish I had some nice progress pictures to post.

We have gotten a couple of things accomplished this week.  I removed the wall paper from the accent wall.  I was sad to see it go but so happy it came off easily, in long strips.

Wallpapered accent wall before.

Wallpapered accent wall before.

Accent wall after wallpaper is gone.

Accent wall after wallpaper is gone.

You can see in this picture that the room has been cleared out (for the most part.)  Most of the furniture is in our Game Room, which is next door.  It’s a bit of a mess around here, to say the least.  The desk in the above picture used to be Tabitha’s desk in the plant ledge area of the room.  More recently, she’s been using it as a vanity in the main room.  Tabitha doesn’t like the pink parts so much anymore, so I had planned to paint the pink metal leg gold and cover the pink laminate parts with metallic gold duct tape.  That was going to be our weekend project, but she decided that she’d rather have a different vanity altogether.  Check back to see what we figure out for that!

The other progress this week was in Tabitha’s Bathroom.  Here’s the Bathroom before:

Tabitha's Bathroom

Tabitha’s Bathroom

I switched out the vanity light this week.  I really dislike vanity lights, but we didn’t have room for sconces on each side of the mirror, so I let Tabitha select a new vanity light and I really like her choice:


It’s all chrome and bubbly.  She also picked out some knobs for the vanity that are clear glass with inclusions or bubbles.

Thanks again to  Linda at Calling It Home, who hosts this event twice a year.  It’ a six week long blog event where 20 participants and many more linking participants spend the weeks redecorating one room and blogging about it.  You can catch my firstsecond,  third , and fourth ORC’s here.  To see my progress this time around, see Week 1Week 2, and Week 3.

Next week (fingers crossed) my contractor will have finished the wall in the plant ledge and painted  both rooms.  I’m going to paint Tabitha’s bathroom myself.  Then we’ll spend a super busy final week pulling the rooms together.  Hope you all have a great week!


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